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We had a great time at Atlantic Provinces Veterinary Conference this weekend! We always enjoy meeting new people and learning more about the veterinary industry! #APVC2019

1 week ago
Atlantic Provinces Veterinary Conference

Reflex is headed to the annual Atlantic Provinces Veterinary Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia! We can’t wait to learn more about the industry AND to meet all of you! Come see us at booth 47 on ... See more

#APVC2019 will be here before you know it! Have you taken a look at the schedule and planned your weekend yet? https://hubs.ly/H0gjNV60

6 months ago
Holding law enforcement accountable for electronic surveillance: System encourages government transparency using cryptography on a public log of wiretap requests

Every day there are tens tens of thousands of court orders asking tech companies to turn over Americans' private data. Most of these demands are never completed, which creates the issue of the ... See more

A new cryptographic system is aimed at improving government accountability for surveillance while still maintaining enough confidentiality for police to do their jobs. AUDIT involves a public ledger ... See more

7 months ago
America's Sexiest Veterinarian Evan Antin On Traveling The World Helping Exotic Animals

A quick interview from a man with brains and brawn, detailing his extensive veterinary experience which he utilizes in conservation and wild-animal rehabilitation efforts!

Dr. Evan Antin may be the sexiest Vet alive but he is also a passionate wildlife advocate helping to stop rhino poaching in Africa. He also recently launched his own all-natural pet wellness brand of ... See more

7 months ago
Claiming credit for cyberattacks

The goal of a cyber attack, as well as the nature of the attacker, can determine whether the attackers decide to claim credit for their actions. This provides those on the defensive with important ... See more

The decision to acknowledge sponsorship of an attack is often linked to whether the attacker hopes to draw attention to a cause or to actually influence events, say political scientists.

8 months ago
Are smarter animals bigger troublemakers?

Has securing your trashcans against the destruction caused city raccoons proved to be nothing more than a game of cat and mouse? Researchers have examined the potential role of animal intelligence in ... See more

A new paper examines whether smarter animals might be better at learning to live in cities -- but, at the same time, also may come into more conflict with humans.

8 months ago
Computer the size of a pinhead? Combination for small data storage and tinier computers

With a growing demand for more efficient devices, researchers have been moving towards developing smaller processors and storage units. These advancements would not only take up less space, but they ... See more

It may sound like a futuristic device out of a spy novel, a computer the size of a pinhead, but according to new research it might be a reality sooner than once thought. Researchers have discovered ... See more

9 months ago
Brain training for old dogs: Could touchscreen games become the Sudoku of man’s best friend?

Old dogs still can learn new tricks! Researchers have proposed that computer interaction can help old dogs, who might not be physically mobile, continue to exercise their brains. This can slow down ... See more

Spoiling old dogs in their twilight years by retiring them to the sofa and forgiving them their stubbornness or disobedience, doesn’t do our four-legged friends any good. Regular brain training and ... See more

9 months ago
Mobile health applications put the personal data of millions of users at risk

Researchers studied 80% of the most popular health apps available on Android, and found that many have serious security risks in regards to protecting their users' data. They also found that half of ... See more

80% of the most popular health applications available on Android do not comply with standards intended to prevent the misuse and dissemination of their users' data.

10 months ago
Improve your information security by giving employees more options: Employees may not realize they're putting company data at risk

Your employees may be putting company data at risk by participating in online behaviors at work that pose security risks, often unaware of the variety of options available to keep private information ... See more

A recent study suggests information security managers and supervisors could have greater success in motivating employees to act more securely by avoiding cold, authoritative commands, and instead ... See more